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Facebook introduces new privacy-focused feature for Messenger

Facebook has announced a new privacy-focused feature for its Messenger app, which will allow users to have more control over their messages and conversations. The new feature, called “Vanish Mode”, enables users to send messages that disappear after they have been read, similar to the feature offered by Snapchat.

The feature is intended to provide users with a more private and secure messaging experience, particularly for sensitive conversations. Users can enable Vanish Mode by swiping up on their Messenger screen, and then swiping down again to disable it.

Facebook has also emphasized that the feature is optional, and that users can choose whether or not to use it. The company has also implemented additional security measures, such as preventing screenshots while in Vanish Mode, to ensure that users have full control over their messages.

The introduction of this new feature is part of Facebook’s ongoing efforts to improve the privacy and security of its services, following a number of high-profile data breaches and privacy scandals. The company has also announced plans to integrate end-to-end encryption into all of its messaging services, further enhancing user privacy and security.

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