ChatGPT simply invented its personal language

If ChatGPT hasn’t freaked you out yet, what if I informed you the OpenAI chatbot invented its personal language? One of many limits of ChatGPT is its incapability to recall earlier conversations, however as some intrepid customers have found, you will get round this limitation by asking the chatbot to compress the present dialog right into a string of seemingly random letters, numbers, and symbols that can permit it to select up proper the place it left off in a brand new chat.

Twitter retains highlighting the newest AI tasks

On April 4th, Greg Fodor tweeted out a string of characters and requested that nobody enter it into GPT-4. In fact, when you do occur to enter the string into the GPT-4 model of ChatGPT, the bot will write out a Lovecraftian brief story a few group of rebels battling shape-shifting shoggoths. Somebody posted the results on ShareGPT.

When somebody requested Fodor what to name this new language, he advised Shogtongue:

If you happen to’re nonetheless confused (and I wouldn’t blame you), this short Twitter thread from writer Jeremy Nguyen (by way of Digital Trends) ought to reply most of your questions. As Nguyen explains, after a protracted dialog, you’ll be able to ask GPT-4 to compress all of it in order that it may be fed again into a big language mannequin to proceed to speak as if it had by no means ended. GPT-4 ought to current a string just like the one which Fodor shared on Twitter.

Open a brand new chat, feed it the string of characters (and a few context when you like), and you must be capable of proceed the dialog. Ultimately, long-term reminiscence will possible be constructed into giant language fashions, however for now, that is fairly a intelligent workaround.

Simply do not forget that this solely works with ChatGPT on GPT-4. If you happen to submit a string of random characters to the free model of ChatGPT (which is working on GPT-3.5), it received’t perceive what you’re attempting to perform. Nguyen additionally notes that different platforms utilizing the GPT-4 API battle to determine tips on how to make use of Shogtongue prompts.


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