Casey Neistat’s new AI-generated vlog has no soul

If there was anybody on the web who may discover a artistic option to present how AI isn’t prepared to exchange people, Casey Neistat could be the one.

At present, the filmmaker posted a brand new video on his YouTube channel known as “AI Made this VLOG.” As defined within the video, Neistat informed ChatGPT to put in writing the script for a complete episode of a vlog within the model of Casey Neistat. From the pictures to the dialogue, every thing was decided by synthetic intelligence.

Casey Neistat, when you haven’t heard of him, grew to YouTube fame after being one of many first folks to pioneer the artwork of day by day vlogging. The filmmaker spent virtually a 12 months and a half creating and posting a video daily on YouTube. The vlogs had been iconic, so it’s positively a formidable problem for AI to get that model proper. If you wish to take a look at the video to see how ChatGPT did, you are able to do so by watching it within the video embedded under:

As you possibly can see from the video, GPT-4 didn’t do a fantastic job recreating a Casey Neistat vlog. The video became a really boring tour of random areas in New York Metropolis, and the dialogue gave the impression of a generic voiceover. As Neistat mentioned on the finish of the video, it was seemingly the worst video he’s ever made.

Neistat ended the video by speaking about how, whereas AI may get higher, it at the moment “has no soul” and that the video created by AI felt like a “photocopy of a photocopy.” He additionally mentioned that he hopes AI doesn’t get higher as he prefers creativity created by human expression.

Whereas AI may not be on the stage to recreate a Casey Neistat vlog with the identical high quality, there are a lot of AI tasks seeking to create instruments that might ultimately do exactly that. Runway AI is trying to create a text-to-video generation tool, and even Levi Strauss started replacing human models with AI ones.


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